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You can tell the story of Elle Fanning through the things she does, but also through the things she does not do. She does not appreciate it when the paparazzi trail her to the gym, because she thinks she’s not famous enough to merit the commotion.

” Fanning, then, would not be the first person—and might actually be the last—to realize what a rare and even spooky star Fanning, at nineteen, has become.” on the end of a sentence, meaning, : a dark parable of sex and death and stardom whose surreal dreamscape culminated—rather divisively—in a spectacle of horror-film gore.(Dakota Fanning says she was so rattled watching her sister seem to suffer torment at the movie’s climax that she almost fled the theater.It’s the Elle Fanning who criticizes her own table manners (“I eat like a dude”) and who marches to her own beat with a gawky, Diane Keaton–like stride.Often she introduces her ideas archly—“I must say”—or tacks an incredulous “—yeah!A., and the Fannings have an extended family of, as Elle puts it, “girls, girls, girls!

” She thinks a lot about the women around her and the standards that they’ve set.

When she goes to sleep, she has clear, lucid dreams that dredge up buried memories and sometimes, she thinks, let her see the future. She had a crush on a particular boy at school (a fifth-grader—you know how it is), and when she went to bed the night before the movie, she dreamed about rounding a corner in the Grove and seeing him there.

There was the time in fourth grade when she and three of her friends made plans to see at the Grove, in L. “I woke up that day and told my friends, ‘We’re going to see him! This all seems a swell prelude to our haunted tour. “If I dream about you tonight,” Fanning says with a reassuring laugh, “I’ll let you know tomorrow.”On the north corner of Jackson Square, we meet Michael Bill, a “paranormal investigator” sent by Ghost City Tours.

To her, moviemaking is the easy part: the constant and familiar churn. Figuring out what kind of woman you are going to be.“You have responsibilities at eighteen that you didn’t have before, but you still feel like a little kid,” she says.

She doesn’t understand why people ask so little about what is truly strange and new about getting older. Until Dakota went off to NYU, the sisters, their parents, and their grandmother all lived together in L.

I just know we’re going to see him.’ They’re like, ‘He doesn’t even live close by.’ ” But in fact her crush did appear at the Grove that day—right in the spot where Fanning had dreamed he would be. En route to the Quarter, I had realized that I had no mental image of what a ghost-tour guide looks like, but when we spot him, it is clear that Bill could not be anything else.

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