Cowboy cowgirl dating

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Cowboy cowgirl dating - dating for weird

We have a lot of Western and Cowboy history, particularly film history, that wasnt being passed down, Pitchford recalls, so about three years ago I decided we needed this show in our valley.She had a love of the informative format, but she also harbored a strong love for the old West and the Cowboy Codes.

Happening Next previews whats coming, Happened has concerts in reverse chronological order dating back to 2010. Actually Ive brought all that up as sort of a tenuous platform to use in putting forth some ideas about the music business, what the general public expects, what we Western fans and performers have here and finally encouraging those fs and ps to at least begin deciding what they would want newcomers to think of Western Music! Through our New Media Committee and other means at our disposal the Western Music Association is embarking on plans to bring our musical genre to potential new audiences.

Enter next Nancy Pitchford Zhe, founder and director of the twenty-six year strong Heads Up Therapy On Horseback program.

Stepping in as a new sponsor/host she is eager to create a platform from which to make listeners aware of Western culture, values and the Heads Up story of successes with at-risk youth and with all manner of disabilitiesparticularly the groundbreaking work done with horses for autistic kids (now also moving into working with returning vets).

Without the promoting of major motion picture studios (like Republic did in the Golden Age) or an all-consuming tide of popularity rising from a single blockbuster film, series or sex symbol to propel it, Western will never again hit fad status.

There are signs from the studios of a rekindling interest in things Cowboy.

and are currently working on Volume II - or as they like to call it Son of the Best of New Mexico Western! Out of its three years of existence it has been nominated twice for WMA Radio Show Of The Year!

If won eventually, that award may have to be carved into quarters to accommodate the shows four co-hosts!Radio and television host and producer Rick Huff's column, Western Air, covers the Western radio scene.The column is a regular feature of the Western Music Association's quarterly magazine, The Western Way, and we're pleased to have past columns posted below.All of this ties in perfectly with Around The Barn, whose hour-long shows are also being archived by host station KHTS and are made available in podcast form as well as new shows being streamed live each Saturday morning!The happy, chatty quartette of Pitchford, Bell, Pomilia and Dowler play music and visit with musicians, authors, actors and other filmfolk and horsefolk either in the studio or by phone.Enter finally a year ago Julie Fox Pomilia, originally a guest telling tales of being the granddaughter of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and then being invited to co-host as well!

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