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Basic Training is that book, and in my opinion the two years have been worth the wait, especially as this book shows some increased maturity in the style of writing from this author.(…)There were two things in particular that struck me about the story, and which added greatly to my enjoyment of the book as a whole.

If you have military experience – and are at least flexible and forward-looking in your perspective (i.e., not a confirmed homophobe or fearful of gays serving in the military) – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the realism and sympathy for military training found here.

It’s wonderful seeing a favorite author develop and evolve, and Marquesate seems to improve with each offering.

This is tough with a soft centre, Marquesate’s warmest and human work to date, and thought provoking.

It contains all the trademarks of this author’s unique style; tough men in a brutal environment, snappy banter,impeccable attention to military detail, and of course well plotted sex scenes.

I also like that her relationships always seem to take place over several years. I can attest The homophobia that is encountered by the younger character Chris Thompson, is brutally real.

These people go far beyond to achieve “perfection” and this is what puts them miles ahead from the rest.

I feel this way whenever I see homes built by and I was very happy to see this freshly built Coronado Island beach house.

In fact, other than one scene with bloody details of an attack, the book never got any rougher and overall is a rather sweet.

The progress of their relationship is very slow and stretches over a few years, where it’s pretty easy to follow their personal growth and that road to the eventual happy ending.(…)“It’s been two years since the release of the rather excellent Her Majesty’s Men, the last book by this author, but I was so impressed by that book that I’ve hung in there waiting for a new book to be published.

Whilst the The second aspect which I really liked about this book was the way that the life of a Royal Marine was so ingrained through every thought and action of both the main characters.

There’s enough detail given to understand the life of a soldier – both during the basic training and then on into a career in the Royal Marines – but not so much that I felt overwhelmed by knowledge that wasn’t important to the story.”“this is a timely story, with the demise of DADT in the US military, and it’s well-written and realistic.

this was a real special opportunity for their entire team. Outdoor lighting is Flagg Coastal Homes and Shipshape Interiors have collaborated on a number of beach homes in Coronado. I really love this home and have saved all of the pictures on Pinterest.

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