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Bach's choral output reached its apex in two works: the double chorus Heilig (Holy) of 1776, a setting of the seraph song from the throne scene in Isaiah, and the oratorium Die Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu (The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus) of 1774–82, which sets a poetic Gospel harmonization by the poet Karl Wilhelm Ramler.Widespread admiration of Auferstehung led to three 1788 performances in Vienna sponsored by the Baron Gottfried van Swieten and conducted by Mozart. Only three of their children lived to adulthood: Johann Adam (1745–89), Anna Carolina Philippina (1747–1804), and Johann Sebastian "the Younger" (1748–78).

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the work, although it is in D major, begins on a D major chord, which then turns into a D dominant-seventh chord, outlining G major.

In fact, there is no cadence on D major (D major is not "confirmed" as the key of the piece) until the beginning of the recapitulation, quite late in the piece.

Bach was a prolific writer of concertos, especially for keyboard.

Like his father, he would often transcribe a concerto for various instruments, leading to problems determining which came first. 170–172), which are cornerstones of that instrument's repertoire, have often been considered to be transcriptions of the harpsichord versions, but recent research has suggested that they might be originally for cello. Additionally, he wrote several sonatinas for one or more keyboards and orchestra.

Bach's chamber music forms something of a bridge between stereotypically Baroque and Classical forms.

Yet somehow each week Dukes finds a different way to reduce an auto to smoking metal—and to overheat viewers with a languorous gander at chicklet Catherine Bach’s drumsticks.

As a roadhouse siren predictably named Daisy (who Mae or may not), Bach and her short shorts have come to symbolize TV audiences’ increasingly raised eyebrows and lowered expectations. “After spending some time in Georgia, I think maybe I’m overdressed,” she gulps.

Yet, incredibly, only two series on all TV rate higher: Dallas and 60 Minutes. And I certainly don’t feel I’ve been exploited or have exploited womanhood.” Still, worried that perhaps her curvaceous form was being overexposed, she recently checked out waitresses in L. “I’m doing a lot of joking around on the show, but nobody ever had me in the backseat of a car.” That kind of tease, though, has made Bach a top teenybop temptress, merchandising Daisy dolls, dresses, lunch boxes, notebooks and 300,000 posters last year.

“We do have redeeming qualities,” defends Bach, 27 this month. This fall she may sew up the ultimate status symbol—her own line of designer jeans, some of which, like Daisy’s, will end barely below the belt.

Bach published three major collections of miscellaneous keyboard works during his lifetime: the Clavierstücke verschiedener Art, Wq. Lucid in style, delicate and tender in expression, they are even more notable for the freedom and variety of their structural design; they break away altogether from both the Italian and the Viennese schools, moving instead toward the cyclical and improvisatory forms that would become common several generations later. Bach's works has been chiefly underway since Helmuth Koch's recordings of his symphonies and Hugo Ruf's recordings of his keyboard sonatas in the 1960s. Bach are known by "Wq" numbers, from Alfred Wotquenne's 1906 catalogue, and by "H" numbers from a catalogue by Eugene Helm (1989).

112 of 1765, and the Kurze und Leichte Clavierstücke collections, Wq. The former includes songs, fantasias, dances, sonatas, fugues, and even a symphony and concerto for solo piano (Bach was later to publish an entire collection of keyboard versions of his symphonies). In fact, he exerted enormous influence on the North German School of composers, in particular Georg Anton Benda, Bernhard Joachim Hagen, Ernst Wilhelm Wolf, Johann Gottfried Müthel, and Friedrich Wilhelm Rust. There is an ongoing project to record his complete works, led by Miklós Spányi on the Swedish record label BIS. He was portrayed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner in the 1941 biopic of his brother Friedemann Bach.

He drew creative inspiration from his godfather Georg Philipp Telemann, then working in Hamburg, and from contemporaries like George Frideric Handel, Carl Heinrich Graun and Joseph Haydn.

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