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Be sure you understand how this law may affect you before you drop a class.This law applies to students who enroll in a Texas public institution of higher education (including ) for the first time in fall 2007 or later.

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Based on section 51.907 of the Texas Education Code, the college or any other Texas Public institution of higher education may not permit students to drop more than six college level credit courses for unacceptable reasons during their entire undergraduate career without penalty.For online registration requirements, visit e Connect.Before you register, check our class schedules to see the credit courses offered for the upcoming term.Failure to do so will result in your receiving a performance grade, usually a grade of "F".You can drop or withdraw from classes in three ways: 1.** You may need to provide proof of meningitis vaccination to register.

Students cannot register late for regular semester-length credit classes.By enrolling early you guarantee your place in the class. Winter/Spring credit class registration is underway now: If you miss registration for regular semester-length classes, don’t forget that you can still register for Flex Term classes.You can find other important dates in the academic calendar and more information about eligibility requirements in the e Connect FAQs.** See our Registration News page for the latest info. Contact the Admissions/Registrar’s Office if you need help.Danger is a confidential way to find information about people.Contact your college's Advising Center or Admissions/Registrar's office for further details related to exceptions or visit the FAQ's on Facts about Dropping Classes at Connect/To drop a class or withdraw from the college, you must follow the prescribed procedure.

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