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After a year the soldiers withdrew because of the hostilities with the aborigines caused by their infringement of tribal customs.In 1844 the cedar getters arrived searching for timber with which to build the houses of Sydney and set up their camp near deep water at “Taranora” (aboriginal for “little river”) on Dry Dock Rd, South Tweed Heads. Unfortunately many of them were wrecked on the river bar, which remained shallow and full of shoals until the retaining walls were built in the 1890′s when the channel in its turn started to continuously silt up. Closely following the cedar getters came the boat builders.

Personal, Genuine and Professional I was skeptical at first from having such poor experiences in the past with internet dating. I was a little nervous but excited at the same time, and I was immediately put at ease with my initial consultation.Through Ideal, after many months of perseverance and keeping the communication going, I met a fun, caring, thoughtful, warm-hearted lady who I have been with now for nine months and I consider an excellent match for me.I joined Ideal Introductions as I was over internet dating I was then introduced to the man of my dreams. They respond to every question and concern I have, without judgement. Dating again after 26 years I had been married for 26 years, and the dating scene was very different back then.There are a number of Aboriginal mythology associated with the Fingal area, including that of Galiwus, a protective supernatural hairy man said to abide in a cave on Fingal Head and a mythological black dog which used to live in the caves on Fingal head, which have now been quarried away.The local Aboriginals are said to believe that when the caves were destroyed the dog became homeless and now roams the area.For thousands of years Aboriginal people lived in the Tweed area. In 1770 Captain James Cook in HMS Endeavour, in his way up the eastern coast of Australia noted the reefs east of Cook Island and hove off the coast.

The following morning he saw the sun on the mountain which he named Mt. The Aboriginal name for the mountain was Wollumbin or Rainmaker.I was matched within a few days and within a week had gone on a couple of dates.Dating in my 50s I am a professional in my early 50s who wanted to meet a genuine, fun lady who was truly suited to me.Fingal Head is named Pooningbah, place of the echidna, referring to the shape of the basalt outcrop at the top of the headland..At the northern end of Dreamtime Beach is a massacre site dating from the 1850s.In the process he recaptured nine escapees from the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement.