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Some women like it rough and dirty, while others like it slow and sensual.The possibilities are endless, and so are all of your opinions.

First Year Players is the oldest and largest theater organization at the University, as well as some of the most sexually frustrated people I have ever met. I sent out a simple poll to the Listserv — seen below. It seemed like nobody knew what “hook up” actually meant.

Breast milk benefits premature babies like no other food because human milk empties from the stomach faster, causes the intestines to mature faster and decreases infant health issues — leading to less time spent in the hospital.

Human breast milk has helped many patients who struggle with health issues such as gastrointestinal problems, immune deficiencies, failure to thrive (FTT), malabsorption syndromes and more.

So here you have it, Bucknell: “I’m not into rough shit with my nipples.

But some gentle nipple-play is always a turn-on.” “It’s kinky and it turns me on.

Even me, Veronica Sirotic, humor editor of The Cavalier Daily.

Like if you're at a party and you move to a bedroom upstairs or leave to go back to someone's place — that is a hookup.” Another wrote, “Anything you shouldn’t be doing out in the open!!As in you have to leave a public space to find a private space for the action y’know what I’m sayin...” I was so confused.A tongue is a tongue, no matter the location, right?Like sometimes when a guy is doing that I’m like yes this is incredible.And then there’s a point when I’m like STOP TRYING TO RIP THEM OFF.Women would not have to shamed for their sexual acts because they are left to the audience’s imagination.

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    Here is an assortment of comments by biblically-committed and highly-respected leaders in the PCUSA: The actions of the 218th General Assembly have made it clear that the PC(USA)’s compromise of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has reached an unprecedented level. [T]he General Assembly of the PCUSA has taken a number of actions which are at odds with Scripture and threaten to unravel any vestige of purity, peace, and unity that may still exist within the denomination. I give thanks to God for all of you who have been praying, believing and working for the Presbyterian Church (USA) to end discrimination against its own lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender daughters and sons, sisters and brothers in Christ. This is a day that has been thirty years in coming and we give thanks for the hope that it offers to so many in the church who have been and still are excluded from ordained office. If nothing else, these various statements illustrate the extraordinary lack of visionary and theological unity in the PCUSA.

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    Maybe you just broke up with a long-term partner or your love passed on.