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Street cameras, license plate readers, domestic drones, stingray cell phone interceptors and other technologies are deployed in public spaces without the knowledge or consent of local communities, and give the individual little choice but to be tracked.

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Both works have garnered Walker, who is white, a reputation for commenting on race in America — and fierce criticism of his use of the black body.

We apologize, and acknowledge that this is especially problematic given the current climate in our region.

To that end, we are reaching out to those who have raised their voices to engage in further dialogue.

Companies mine this data for commercial purposes and in some cases turn this information over to law enforcement agencies.

Policing itself has also evolved to create additional ways to gather information on our communities.

At the end of the day, he’s using the images of us as controversy, the same way white people have been doing since the beginning of time. “He does what he wants with the images of black people, and he doesn’t have to be accountable to anybody, and he didn’t expect anyone to walk in and ask him any real questions.” On its Facebook page, CAM posted an apology about the artist's talk: "There were questions raised during the Q&A portion of his artist talk that were not adequately answered.

We accept responsibility for the breakdown in conversation that occurred.We respect the well-being of our community and strive to provide opportunities for all voices and perspectives to be heard." Walker had since returned to New York, but in an interview during the installation of the exhibit, he spoke of his use of black bodies in abstract terms: “The race issue?I think I deal with the body more so than race,” Walker said.“Schools take Black children to this gallery, when they see these images, they are being told that their bodies, their history and their stories are disposal and always up for use by any privileged white man and institutions that feels like using them to get some press,” local interdisciplinary artist Damon Davis wrote on Facebook critiquing CAM’s new exhibit.When Walker spoke about his work as it opened to the public last Friday, Davis did not spare words.That it would continue to grow and flourish among young people.

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