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and so we wanted to take the conversations we have in our living rooms with our best friends to a larger platform. For such a "free" country, America is a pretty suffocating place.Being honest about the mistakes we make along the way is also important to share because we've found that people all over the world make similar ones and it's OK. I think the real reason it's such an issue is because it's coming not only from society and men, but from women! Hutchinson: Honestly, I've only recently learned to embrace my own sexuality.

Where Sales’ and Massey’s definitions both work from within the discourse of women who date men, it takes on a range of different meanings—and inspires different debates—in other contexts.

What I do NOT support is you coming down on people who don't do the same thing. Hutchinson: Our interview with Dan Savage is tied with the time a listener told us he listens to the show with his wife and they've been trying to get pregnant. I was so afraid of breaking down as I talked about it. I was so upset that after all the time that had gone by and all the progress I had made that I was still so affected by seeing this person. I think the listeners appreciated it because they could tell how genuinely hard that moment was for me.

Since they started listening to the show, he and his wife have decided to try some new things and communicate differently and are now with child! But, I just talked about it honestly and let the tears come, and, ya know what? Hutchinson: My mom doesn't know yet but it's gotten so big that I have to tell her before she finds out.

I made a of mistakes and stupid decisions, but it's shaped who I am and I'm really happy that I turned out the way I did. We have a form of honest communication that I've never had with another human being and it's made me such a better person/woman/girlfriend/comic.

Fisher: I have always been a really sexual person so that's been a lifelong embrace for me, but I think the podcast has helped me to be more open with my feelings.

I used to be nervous to tell her but now I'm kind of excited because I'm really proud of the show.

All my exes who have come on the show were hesitant at first but they all ended up loving the experience and realizing how SOMEONE needs to be having this conversation. Fisher: I've very much been myself for my whole life.

To that I say: if you want to save yourself for marriage because sex is that precious to you, then do it!

I fully support your decision because it's your body and your choice. Even though it was the absolute WORST feeling, I think my on-air emotional breakdown after running into my ex was my favorite (on the "What Is Happening to My Ass? I didn't want to talk about the incident , but I had made a promise to myself and to the listeners to be honest, so I decided I would.

Both nothing and everything I do surprises everyone in my life.

No awkward stories, just a lot of interesting intros as I'm brought to the stage at my stand-up shows.

For a country that so often prides itself on being "number one" and so progressive, we're really sexually backwards and it's a disservice to our people, especially our young women.