Are kerry katona and daniel whiston dating

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Are kerry katona and daniel whiston dating

Rush, who plays Barbossa in the series, said: 'The fact that the writers keep giving me all of these new transformational qualities, it just provides new stuff to play with, and I can discover just how evil or sometimes how idiotic he can be.'He said: 'We were ready for a whole new beginning and it's a really exciting cast.

Then last autumn he was told the show was being ‘refreshed’ for 2011 and that his ­services were no longer required.‘With their aggression and the audience ­booing, the tension made me feel ­embattled.My style is to give ­constructive ­criticism without becoming bitchy.I must have done something to my back during a stunt and ended up with this bad sciatic situation. It was this horrible, grinding electricity going through me. I even found myself ­agreeing with him, which is not something I often did when we were both judges.

In the past, it often got to the point where I felt worn down by his and Karen’s ­negativity.

‘I think Robin looks very good in the middle of the panel as chief judge but although a great skater he was not an ice dancer, which is what the ­competition is about.

And that was the expertise Karen and I brought to the panel.’However, he admits it would have made him even more unhappy about being sacked if he had been replaced by someone with similar qualifications.

‘The bonus is that with fewer judges there is more time for them to all have their say, so some really constructive points can be made.

When there were five of us, only two or three would be called upon, but we never knew who Holly Willoughby was going to ask.

Normally, he would be sitting on the judges’ bench in the studio at this time, checking that his marking boards were in order, ­turning his notepad to a clean sheet and making last minute adjustments to his microphone.

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