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Frightened, Lois looks around the basement of the Daily Planet for men on phones.

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Lois catches up with Chloe, who gives her all her research on Luthor Corp.

Lex is then seen to be lying unconscious in an alley.

Reality: At the farm, the Kents are getting ready for Christmas, and Clark has invited Lana to spend it with them.

Despite this, Lionel transfers Lex to the Davis Clinic in Metropolis for immediate but extremely risky surgery.

In the alternate reality, Lex and Lana Luthor go to the party at the Kents’ house. He says that Lex is the best man he knows and announces that Lex will receive the Kansas Humanitarian Award. He marvels that he’s never been happier and she tells him that he could have this happiness in reality if he makes the right choice. Lex tells her that he doesn’t want this alternate reality because everyone he’s ever loved has died.

While looking through the papers, Lois hears a phone ringing. Grant asks Lex to request that someone else besides Lois write the article since Lois has a way of uncovering significant facts, but Lex denies having anything to hide.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t belong to her, she answers it and hears a mysterious caller tell her that Chloe has a bomb on her. Even though Grant seems to be concerned, Lex affirms that he always wins.

The caller, whose name is Adrian Cross, is talking to Lois, telling her that he is an escaped clone from Luthor Corp.

His body is aging at a rapid rate and he expects to die very soon.

She takes Clark to her secret room in the Isis Foundation, now filled with non-functioning surveillance equipment.

Clark finds a folder on Project Scion and Lana shows him the vial filled with black liquid that she thought she destroyed when she wrecked his lab.

Lois Lane and Grant Gabriel are kissing in a storage closet in the Daily Planet.

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