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So Bill believes in an anger-free God, who didn’t punish Jesus in his wrath for anyone’s sins (how typical of a Catholic to forget that powerful and plain fact), yet he wishes God’s punishment upon atheists and liberal, even though God has commanded us to pray for and bless our enemies (how typical also for a Catholic to forget).Bill Cunningham is not a great American, he is a blind guide.

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A guy in a Tommy Bahama–style shirt raised his hand."How was the drive up from Orange County? The crowd laughed, unaware that Martin would use the same joke the next week.Your evil whoring kind killed millions of people including hundreds of thousands if not millions of Christians who would not worship your false god popes, popes known for being highly corrupt, and those who broke free from the Catholics, the Protestants, spread learning, and science, and healing and salvation throughout the world, and unlike the Catholics, not approving of turning millions of “savages” into slaves, and who did not participate with Christopher Columbus, a Catholic, in turning the original descendants of Haiti as slaves, nor the preteens of those descendants as sex slaves, nor wiping out, let alone (brutally wiping out) the original descendants in their lust for gold, nor have the participated in the racist persecution of the Haitians, while Bill Cunningham, before the stupid Catholic caller called in, pointed out that the (Catholic) Dominican Republic, Haiti’s neighbors, treat the Haitians as less than dirt, and murder them for not crimes.How convenient that the Catholic caller did not mention what Bill himself pointed out, though forgetting to mention that the D. is mostly Catholic, instead, the caller, a Catholic bigot, was too busy being a self-righteous narcissist persecutor of whoever doesn’t agree with his pagan man- and woman-worship and worship of an imaginary contradictory love-puff god.A true Christian seeks to conform to God's will; a self-centered man exalts his own will.A logical man sees the universe and worships the Designer; an when an atheist sees it he resents his powerlessness, envies and scoffs.He finished his routine by urging a standing ovation for Maher, who blew a kiss to the audience as he moved toward his mark on the stage.'s format is a throwback to a seventies talk show—with a monologue, an interview, a panel discussion, some jokes, and a closing argument—but here everything is done without the benefit of breath-catching commercial breaks.

This setup sometimes leads to what can feel, in the moment, like a random car wreck, but Maher's been doing comedy for forty years.I just found this verse and don’t remember ever reading it: “Moses said to the people, ‘Do not be afraid.God has come to test you, so that the fear of God will be with you to keep you from sinning.'” – Exodus Now that is one strange verse.• A New Tape From Al Qaeda Surfaces as Does a New Tape of Kidnapped Jounalist Jill Carroll; ABC News Anchorman Bob Woodruff and His Cameraman Seriously Wounded Yesterday by a Roadside Bomb in Iraq • Encore Presentation: Interview With Lance Armstrong • Encore Presentation: Interview With Former President George H. While listening to Bill Cunningham tonight, a popular Catholic radio show host who in his deep narcissism, keeps telling everyone that he is “a great American”.…You don’t see many Methodists in the Congo taking care of people with Ebola…