Adiut dating web ites

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Adiut dating web ites - direct vs indirect dating archaeology

to issue an accessibility statement, to plan a redesign process, to perform research, etc.).

Please include the following in your comments: the location within the document, the suggested change, and the rationale for your comment.

The methodology can be used in conjunction with techniques for meeting WCAG 2.0 success criteria, such as the Techniques for , but does not require this or any other specific set of techniques.

In many situations it is necessary to evaluate the accessibility of a website, for example before releasing, acquiring, or redesigning the website, and for periodic monitoring of the accessibility performance of a website over time.

This document is one of a series of informative 2.0 and its supporting resources.

It provides guidance on good practice in defining the evaluation scope, exploring the target website, selecting representative samples from websites where it is not feasible to evaluate all content, auditing the selected samples, and reporting the evaluation findings.

(Conformance is not possible at a particular level if any page in the process does not conform at that level or better.) that are relevant to the entire website.

Stay ahead of the curve on the issues that matter most to you and your stakeholders.This methodology is designed for anyone who wants to follow a common approach for evaluating the conformance of websites to 2.0 defines conformance requirements for individual web pages (and in some cases, sets of web pages), but does not describe how to evaluate entire websites.It also defines how optional conformance claims can be made to cover individual web pages, a series of web pages such as a multi-page form, and multiple related web pages such as a website.It is suitable for use in different evaluation contexts, including self-assessment and third-party evaluation. Should the need arise, however, the document could be updated.Comments received on this document will help the Working Group to decide if updates are needed, or will be taken into account should a republication be planned.static, dynamic, responsive, mobile, etc.); its size, complexity, and the technologies used to create the website (e.g.